Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Big Day

From the word go I had a vision of fantastic deep red shoes I could wear again and again. The Beau wore a red tie and red lining in his handmade suit so I wanted to match him while each of the bridesmaids would match one of the ushers. I searched high and low for a decent pair of red shoes, the right deep red shade and the right kind of heel that would allow me to walk comfortably and dance the night away. I had no luck, I found the right shade but wrong heel or right shape and wrong shade, I’d almost given up when one Saturday in September my lovely bridesmaid Mel sent me a photo of the most wonderful pair of red shoes. Dark red leather, patent, thick heel and where would you find such a gorgeous pair of courts? Agent Provocateur! Brilliant!

Handmade details

The Veil

I knew I didn’t want a traditional veil, my dress was way more traditional then I ever thought I’d go for and given we were marrying in a converted barn I felt a veil wouldn’t be right. I’m very keen on the more vintage styling and so opted for a birdcage veil with detailing.

I spent a fun morning scoping out the beautiful trimmings and accessories in VV Rouleaux on Kings Road and picked up some material to make some fabric flowers for the hair band. After making sample bands I was excited about my handmade hair piece, pleased that I would be wearing something that I had made.

Then came my dress fitting. I took along my shoes and lingerie and tried to imagine what my head piece would look like with the dress. I decided then and there that my dress needed to do the talking rather than any head gear so the original headpiece with fabric flowers was ditched and a new idea was needed.

I took a trip to a haberdashery to take another look at what I could have on the hair band that was more simple and fell in love with these lace pieces that almost exactly matched the details on my dress. Perfect. The hairband and details would then all sit close to my head with nothing sticking out and the birdcage veiling would scoop down over my fringe. I was really pleased with the finished look, my brilliant hairdresser Emma worked some pearls into my hair and around the hairband to finish it off perfectly. I’d imagined the band would hurt behind my ears after long so I’d bought a deep red flower to pop in my hair if I needed to take the hairband off, the band was so soft though I kept it on all night and just flipped the veiling back so it was no longer in my face.

I’m excited to get making more like these when we are back from Honeymoon next year.

The Garter

Following the engagement, my first trip home saw Mum and I on the lounge floor in a mountain of lace garter patterns. Mum has been making lace as long as I’ve been around, it was the first evening class she took up to give her a night off from looking after baby Sarah! I was torn between two patterns of garter, one had celtic knots which I felt was a nod towards Ed’s Welsh roots as well as Mum and Grandad’s Cornish heritage but eventually I went for the simple heart pattern. I LOVE my garter, it is the most beautiful thing my Mum has ever made for me and she has made me a lot of things in the past – it’s where I get my crafty side from.

It is too beautiful to keep tucked away in a drawer for years to come so we have now taken the elastic out and I will have it as a centre detail on a pillow for our bed when we one day have a home and a bed again. I want to show off my Mum’s amazing talent.

The last image shows my veil again but also it shows off my red finger nails, I ummed and ahhhed about whether or not to go for dark nails and I’m so glad I did. It looks great in the photos and is so much more me than a French manicure.

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